How iBaby Baby Monitors Can Help You Stay Calm and Entertained During COVID-19

It’s inevitable to say that the Corona Virus aka COVID-19 has altered your daily routine in some way or another. Having the kids, your partner, work, and pets all under one roof can be a little hectic for everyone included. So, having a fun routine is crucial to keep everyone at home sane during this time. But as a parent, you already know how hard it is to create a routine with your little one. It’s even harder now, that you’re confined to the square footage of your own home. There will probably be outbreaks and you may think your sanity is being tested, but thing’s don’t have to be difficult. iBaby has a variety of smart features straight on your smartphone that can help make this transition flow smoothly and peacefully for all those involved. Follow these tips to keep yourself calm and entertained during this time:

The three modes: Wakeup, Study, and Sleep Mode

Having the perfect morning and bedtime routine can sound complex. But, the good news is that your lovebug can easily get acquainted with a new routine when you properly introduce it to them. After all, they’re been doing it the whole time, even before birth. But to help with the transition of routines, we created the three modes. You can set a wakeup, bedtime, or a study mode (nap time), to play the same lullaby or bedtime story so your little one can be familiar with certain sounds and know when it’s time to wake up or snooze away to sleep.

A recent study found that those who wake up with a melodic tune had lower levels of grogginess throughout their day.

So, scheduling your baby to wake up and fall to sleep with some of the over 1,000 songs in the iBaby Care App will definitely help their day and yours.

Audible Books!

When you’re stuck at home, the days can seem long and dreary, especially when you know you can’t go out. But keeping yourself and your family entertained can be the #1 changing point during this lock-down. Playing some of the audible books the iBaby Care app carries is a fulfilling way for your baby to keep entertained throughout the day. Plus, according to Glad Readers, audible books are known to improve listening skills, memory, critical thinking, focus, and attention spans. So, iBaby is not only helping entertain your baby but also offers some critical educational content to help as your nugget grows up.

Two-Way Audio speakers with 1080p Full HD Video

Letting your baby play in the playroom can bring some time of peace for those parents who are struggling to find a little bit of privacy during the lockdown. It’s always nice to get some downtime without the kids, but with an iBaby monitor, you can always ensure that you’ll have a set of eyes on them at all times. With iBaby’s full HD video -found on the iBaby Care M7 and M7 Lite – you can see, listen and talk to your little ones at all times.

Dreamy Moonlight and Star Projections

Being stuck in one location can make anyone feel moody and temperamental. Especially your baby who requires constant attention and different distraction methods. So, the built-in moonlight soother on the iBaby Care M7 was made to stimulate your baby during tedious and boring days. With bright and fun moon and stars projections, you and your entire family will easily transport into a magical new galaxy, from the comfort of your own living room or playroom.

iBaby monitors have tons of features that will beat the COVID-19 lockdown by giving you safe and entertaining things to do. To learn more, browse our list of smart baby monitors that you can use straight from your smartphone.