How to Care for Your Baby’s Skin in Winter

Remember that feeling when you first got to touch your baby and adore his softest skin? As the time goes by and seasons change, you might notice that your baby’s skin has become a bit drier in winter. Cold winter air has less moisture that warmer air which causes skin to lose moisture and become dry. To keep that ‘baby skin’ soft and glowing as ever, there are a few things you have to do.
Protect your baby’s face when outside
Always apply hypoallergenic moisturizing cream or lotion to your baby’s face before going outside. Give preference to products that contain SPF as your baby can get sunburn even in winter, especially on windy days. When staying at home, use a moisturizing face lotion without SPF at least once a day.
Keep your baby’s lips moisturized
Don’t forget about applying a lip balm to your baby’s lips, especially if he is a notorious drooler. Look for a lip balm made specifically for babies with more natural ingredients. Remember to reapply from time to time.
Take care of your baby’s skin after bath time
For winter time, you might want to choose a richer body lotion to use for your baby after bath time. Choose a moisturizer without alcohol and perfume and apply in within five minutes of bath. Keep water warm but not hot when giving a bath to the baby as hot water dries skin out more than warm water does.