How to Celebrate Baby’s First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about family and being thankful for what you have. If this year is a special one and you have a new family member joining your family dinner, you might want to think how to make this celebration unique for everyone. Getting ready for the baby’s first Thanksgiving is fun and easy. Here are some simple ideas you can try:

  • Get a special outfit for the baby. You may simply add some accessories such as a headband or a pair of shoes or go all the way and pick a turkey costume for your baby. Whatever you choose, keep the outfit in earthy, fall tones: orange, maroon, khaki.
  • Include special food on the baby menu. If your baby is old enough to eat some solid food, you can choose some flavors that are often associated with Thanksgiving: sweet potato, pumpkin, squash, turkey or apple. If your baby is still on a milk diet only, you can add some festivity by getting him a Thanksgiving inspired bib.
  • Have your baby help you make some holiday crafts. You can make simple holiday cards with your baby’s handprint. Choose the color (or colors) you want and make an impression of your baby’s hand. Later, make the thumb print into a turkey head and the rest of the fingers into its tail by adding some more strokes to the card.
  • Take holiday décor to the table. You don’t have to slave in the kitchen all day to make the table look good. Ask your guests to bring a dish to the table but do make some effort in decorating the table. A simple choice is adding some orange colored candles and miniature pumpkins, but you can also add some orange dishes or an orange colored table runner.
  • To keep memories alive, do not forget to make a family photo. To make it even more special, come up with a dress code for all family members. You can change the theme every year and make it into a new family tradition.