How to Choose a Baby Crib Mattress

While future parents often spend a lot of time researching what type of cribs are best for their child, usually less attention is given to crib mattresses. Which is unfortunate, because mattresses not only contribute to a peaceful sleep of babies but also support the baby’s growing body when she is sleeping. An improperly chosen mattress can be a danger to an infant, so it is important to know a few things when searching for a perfect crib mattress.
Soft or hard?
Not all mattresses are created equal. Look for one designed specifically for infants. They are usually more firm that regular mattresses since softer mattresses present a suffocating hazard to babies. Never allow your baby to sleep on an air mattress, water bed and softer adult mattresses as they all are dangerous to infants.
What’s inside?
You can choose between foam and innerspring mattresses. The former are usually lighter and cheaper. If you would like to buy a foam mattress, choose one that regains its shape faster after being pressed on. This will help your baby to change his sleeping position easier. Innerspring mattresses are usually more durable than foam ones. Choose one with thicker springs which makes the mattress more firm.
Reusing a mattress?
Can you save money on a crib mattress? In fact, there are some concerns about using second hand mattresses. The reason for them is that mattresses might trap bacteria and fungi that can be passed on to your baby. Use good judgment when deciding whether or not to use a mattress that was handed down to you. If you know that it was properly stored in a well-ventilated area and used with a mattress cover, you should be fine.