How To Choose The Best Pet For Your Child

Smiling girl holding a kitten
Are you thinking about getting a pet for your child? While you should think twice before committing to this responsibility, having a pet in the household is beneficial for children.

Studies have shown that when a newborn is brought home that has a pet in it, she is less likely to develop allergies or asthma. Pets also help to distress – something you might enjoy as well. Having a pet is a great way to learn about responsibility. Children who have a dog will spend more time outside and will be more active. Finally, having a pet means having a long-term companion that will be especially appreciated by children that do not have any siblings.

If you decided that you are getting a pet for your child, it might be tough choosing one. The most popular ones are of course, cats and dogs, but let’s take a look at other options as well.

Dog is perfect for kids who are looking for a friend. From all pets, dogs are the ones that develop the strongest bond with people. On the flip side, you should always monitor your child playing with the dog, and teach the child how to be safe around the dog.

Cat is an ideal choice for families with several children, and those kids who don’t mind a pet that will want some alone time. With children under 3 years of age, it is best to get an adult cat and not a kitten.

Hamsters are among the pets that are easiest to care for. They like to sleep during the day, so you won’t feel bad if you leave them alone for the whole day. The hardest part about caring for hamsters, mice, or gerbils is that you will need to commit to cleaning their cage quite often to avoid a strong smell of their waste.

Goldfish is probably the easiest pet to have. They can live in water without any filter or heating system. However, they die easily if overfed.

Among popular pets, parrots have the longest life expectancy, up to 22 years. If you think your child will enjoy a pet who likes sings, whistles and imitates human voice, parrots are for her. Keep in mind that parrots get jealous easily, and can bite a new or unfamiliar person.

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