How To Deal With Ticks In The Summer

If you like summer picnics, camping, or just spending time in nature in general, you might be worried about ticks. Here is everything you need to know about ticks and what to do if you spot one on your child.
Ticks can be carriers of several diseases, including Lyme disease, tularemia, and ehrlichiosis. However, in most cases, when detected early, ticks don’t do much harm. That’s why it is key to check your kid for ticks after you spend time outside.
How to prevent
In order to prevent tick bites, dress your child wisely when heading out into the wild. Go for long sleeves and pants, and tuck the pants into socks. Have your child wear a hat. Protect the neck with a collar or scarf.
How to check
Ticks are most often found in the following areas: neck, head, back, groin. Make sure you thoroughly go through the scalp, looking for raised skin with your fingers. It is best to undress the child completely when home and have him take a shower.
What if…
If you do find a tick on your child, do not panic. Remember, even infected ticks when removed within 24 hours of being attached, will most probably not transmit infection. Take the tick out with tweezers, and try to not break it off. Once out, dispose of it in plastic bag, or flush it in the toilet. Wash the area with soap and apply an antiseptic. Keep an eye on your child for the following two weeks – in case she develops rash, fever, or other symptoms, take her to the doctor.