How to Fly with an Under Twelve Months Old Baby

Are you getting ready for your baby’s first flight ever? The very first flying experience might sound scary because you don’t know what to expect, but many parents agree that babies under a year old are the easiest to fly with. If you’re one of those parents getting ready for a flight, you might want to check out these tips broken down by age:
1-3 months old
This might be the easiest age to have your infant fly with you. Almost certainly, your baby will be asleep most of the flight. Even when awake, she will probably be happy just sitting in her car seat or in your lap. As with any baby, have her suck on something during takeoff and landing – pacifier, bottle or you can nurse the baby. Have extra clothes and diapers in case of an accident and enjoy your flight!
3-6 months old
This stage is quite easy to manage as well. By three months of age your baby should have a predictable routine, so you will know what to expect en route. While the baby will not be asleep as much as she was when she was a newborn, she should be still quite manageable in her car seat or on your lap. You might want to bring a water bottle to offer to the baby during takeoff and landing in case she does not want to nurse. Bring some familiar objects for the baby – a favorite blanket or a toy.
6-12 months old
As your baby spends more time awake, you will find yourself alert and busy traveling with a baby over 6 months of age. If you can, get a separate seat for a baby because it will be more challenging trying to keep her on your lap buckled. Make sure you have some antibacterial wipes for everything your baby will want to explore. The best part of this age is that your baby will transition to solid foods which will make feeding easier. Make sure you get your baby used to room temperature food ahead of the flight for even easier meal times.