How To Make Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

baby sleeping in her crib
How can you make your baby sleep through the night? Sleep training will be successful when you are firm in what you do.

It seems like parents of young babies are tired and sleep-deprived all the time. But did you know that if you start sleep-training your baby after a certain age, you can get a good night sleep of at least 7-8 hours?

You can start sleep-training once your baby is about 4 months old. At that age she can safely sleep through the night without being hungry if you let them. Establishing a routine does wonders for babies; so wake the baby up at about the same time every day, and don’t let her take long naps in the afternoon. When putting the baby to sleep for the night, stick with the familiar actions: change her into pajamas, take a bath or read a book. Your goal is not to get the baby any more excited, so choose quieter activities.

Helping your baby distinguish day and night will also help her sleep through the night. To do that, keep the crib close to the window and do not use blinds. Gradually, the baby will learn that darkness means night and it’s light during the day. When you are putting the baby to sleep, keep the lights dim. Similarly, if the baby wakes up at night, keep the lights low.

When you are ready to start sleep-training, you have to stick to the plan. Prepare yourself for a couple of nights of cries, but always remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Note that the younger the baby is when you start sleep-training, the easier it will be for her to learn the new rules.

The baby should be awake when you put her to bed. When the baby learns to fall asleep in your arms only, it makes it difficult for her to learn to fall asleep by herself in the crib. If she wakes up at night and starts crying, do not rush into her room. Instead, take a peek through a video baby monitor with night vision. Modern nanny cams allow you to even talk to your baby through the monitor from a different room. If you do decide to go in, remember to keep it quiet, try not to pick up the baby unless absolutely necessary, and do not offer any food.

Continue to stay consistent, strong and firm once you start sleep-training. It will only take a week or two for a baby to learn to sleep through the night, and you will be glad to have longer nights.