How To Make Your Morning Routine Easier

Eggs, strawberries, and bread for breakfast
Any parent would agree that somehow time runs faster in the morning. You have to get ready for work, get your kids ready for school, and make sure everyone is clean and not hungry. The good news is that it might be easier than you think. Simply try out these ideas to make mornings stress-free and enjoyable.
Prepare as much as you can in the evening. Not just your outfit, but also have your kids decide what they’re wearing tomorrow. Also, have your kids pack their backpacks in the evening. Set the coffeemaker to make coffee in the morning at a certain time. Make lunches. Brush and braid girls’ hair before bed, too. Decide what to cook for breakfast (5 minute ideas here).
In fact, some parents have their kids prepare their own lunches. Giving your child freedom to take care of herself teaches her responsibility and also minimizes chances of fights with kids that like doing everything themselves. Buy alarm clocks for everyone, and have kids set them up and get up themselves.