How To Protect Your Baby Monitor From Being Hacked Into

If you are a parent who uses a wireless baby monitor, then you most probably have have heard the news stories about someone hacking into a monitor and screaming at a baby. When stories like this show up in the news, it understandably sends parents into a panic mode.

In those stories, the issue is usually due to the monitor in question having a security flaw, or the user not changing the default passwords for the home’s Wi-Fi network or monitor. When the network password has been left to the default login, it is like leaving your front door open.

As an iBaby monitor user, you might be curious how your baby is protected.

First, in order to view the camera, you need to be an authorized user of the app. Otherwise the phone will fail to connect. Coupled with that, we have triple level security – from the app, monitor, and our servers- in place to keep the connection secure.

So what can you do to protect your home? The best offense is a good defense. We recommend taking these four steps to enhance your baby monitor security:

-Make sure to check for and install updates on your router, the app, and monitor as they roll out. Security is the top priority for wireless devices, and released updates often are targeted to enhance security of the devices

-Change the default camera name and select a secure password for the app

-Don’t use the same password for your Wi-Fi that you use for other accounts

-When setting up your Wi-Fi password, remember that it needs to be 16 or less alphanumeric characters to communicate with your iBaby monitor

With proper safety precautions, our wireless baby monitors make parents’ lives easier and capture many fond memories. If you have further questions about the security of iBaby monitors, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care representatives.

In case you are interested in more tips on setting up a secure password for your network or have general questions about our monitors, let us know in the comments below. We will gladly post another blog with tips and tricks for you.