How to Run a Turkey Trot Race with a Baby

There are different reasons that get us excited for Thanksgiving. For some people, it is going back home to see family and catch up on the news. For others, it is those extra days off when you can relax and have some time for your hobbies. Some people are all about the food… well, a lot of food.

But many people these days are also excited about running in turkey trot runs – a race that allows you to burn off the calories before the big feast later that day. What is fun about those races is that in most places they allow parents run with strollers making it a true family experience. If this is your very first stroller race experience, you may find our tips helpful in preparing for the big day.

First and foremost, think about the safety of the baby. To go jogging with a baby, you should use jog strollers that are designed to endure runs and have better stability than regular strollers. It is recommended that your baby is at least eight months old to have him participate in a turkey trot run. Younger children have weaker necks and running longer distances puts them at risk.

If your stroller has a safety strap, always wear it over your hand to prevent the stroller getting away from you. If you are a novice to stroller jogging, you may find that is it more difficult because you have to use your arms to push the stroller, which will slow you down. To help yourself run faster, you may want to alternate your arms and push the stroller with one arm only while using the other one to swing. Always make sure your child is fully strapped in the stroller before you start.

Finally, pack all the necessities in the stroller basket but don’t overpack – after all that will be an extra weight for you. Put an extra layer of clothing on the baby for the run – don’t forget a cool turkey hat – and… ready, set, go!