How To Stay Hydrated In The Summer When You Can’t Drink Any More Water

Summer drinks on the table
Summer is here. Finally. You’ve probably heard it on the news about people suffering from heat in Europe and Southeast Asia. To avoid the risk of heat stroke, the number one thing you have to do in the summer is stay hydrated. But what else can you drink besides – sigh – water?
Well, in fact, there are things you can eat to be hydrated. Many fruits and vegetables contain over 90% water and will be a flavorful snack that will keep you and your kids hydrated. The best hydrating fruits and vegetables are:

  • cucumbers (96% water)
  • watermelon (92% water)
  • celery (95% water)
  • strawberries (92% water)
  • lettuce (96% water)

If you still prefer to drink liquids to stay hydrated, you have a lot of choices. For infants, if you baby is under 6 months, she really only needs milk or formula. For older kids and adults, you can try these:

  • skim or fat free milk (especially great after exercise or being active)
  • coconut water (low in carbs, high in potassium)
  • sports drinks (extra electrolytes and protein)
  • smoothies and juices (add some chia seeds to retain water)

Besides staying hydrated, make sure you and your kids are also staying cool by creating shade, wearing protective clothes, and avoiding sun as much as possible when it’s at its peak.