How To Survive New Year’s Night With A Newborn

New Year’s night is just around the corner and it is bound to be a special one if you have a new baby in the house.

New Year’s night is always a special event in itself, but when you have a new addition to your family, it is going to be even more special! Many new parents stress and worry that they won’t be able to relax on the biggest night of the year. Worry you not, we got you covered with these tips on how to survive the first New Year’s with your newborn.

Get a good rest the night before. There is nothing like feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Take it really easy in the morning, and just enjoy the day, and stop worrying about it being perfect. As you know, it is all about your attitude, so if you set your mind on having a fun, enjoyable day, it sure will be one.

Don’t feel obligated to have baby up at midnight. While you might feel tempted to have the baby stay up and meet the new year together with the family, it is completely fine if the baby is asleep at the time. There will be plenty more chances to ring in the New Year all together in the next years. Check out our suggestions on how to make baby sleep through the night, and keep an eye on your baby remotely with a video baby monitor.

Make it special with outfits that stand out. New Year’s night is made for sparkles, glitters and sequins. Start with yourself, and dress your baby in something special, too. Avoid sequins that can scratch your baby’s tender skin, and opt for shiny metallic fabric instead for girls. For boys, go for soft and festive velvet.

Buy confetti and streamers for the baby. Your baby will love playing with streamers and confetti if you don’t stress about all the mess. It only happens once a year, so let your baby enjoy the experience in full. Make sure you observe the baby while she is playing with her New Year’s toys.