How to Survive the First Few Weeks of Motherhood

Giving birth is the beginning of a whole new world. A time of excitement, sweet moments, and maybe a couple of breakdowns. After all, you can be supermom, but you’re still human. During the early stages, a lot of new mothers wish the whole parenting thing came with a manual. And yes, most moms tend to freak out about little things. Like if your baby is eating enough, if they’re safe while they sleep, or why they’re shaking. So, to help ease your thoughts, we have compiled a list of the top tips on how to survive the first few weeks of motherhood.

#1 Sleep When Baby Sleeps!

As a newborn, you’ll notice that your baby will sleep a lot. Of course, you’ll also come to realize that their sleeping patterns aren’t what you expected. Newborns sleep around 16 to 17 hours a day. Now, that seems like a lot, but when they wake up every two to three hours to feed, you’ll start to know the real meaning of exhausted. And that’s why it’s always best to sleep when your baby sleeps. This will help recover your strength for the next diaper change and feeding. And sure, you’ll probably get the urge to clean around the house or do some work, but you have to relax and learn to go with the flow.

#2 Don’t Be Scared of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be intimidating for new moms. Especially when your breast milk hasn’t come in, your nipples are sore or your baby doesn’t know how to latch. It can also be disappointing to have a bad experience with breastfeeding your baby. But there are a lot of FREE resources out there that can help you improve your breastfeeding experience.

So head to your hospital and ask about free lactation classes or access to a lactation consultant. Don’t be afraid to speak up and asses any questions you may have about breastfeeding. If your baby is not feeding correctly, and he is losing weight, definitely contact your pediatrician and explore other options.

#3 Partner Tag Team

Being a parent isn’t a one-man show. You and your partner should work as a tag team to give each other a break. So, if your partner is a night owl, then they should wake up during the night. And if you’re an early bird, you wake up in the morning.  There has to be a lot of compromises in parenting in order for things to run smoothly.

#4Trust your mom instincts:

Most of the time, we are told never to trust our gut. But, as a parent, If you ever feel like something isn’t right, trust your instincts. They don’t lie. Get that second opinion. Do your own research. Bottom line is, you know best for your baby, and if something doesn’t sit well with you or your partner, don’t do it.

#5 Take a Break!

Motherhood isn’t always Instagram or picture perfect. There will be days where you won’t be able to shower. And days where you’ll probably want to cry. Don’t worry this happens to a lot of new moms.  Motherhood is great and all, but every mom deserves a break. Take a couple hours to do some shopping, do your nails or anything you did sans baby. And if you ever get the urge to see what your little one is doing, with an iBaby monitor, you can check in straight from your phone.