How to Take Your Child to a Hockey Game

Kids love winter for a reason: it is the time for Christmas gifts, eggnog and events that only happen in winter. If Nutcracker somehow did not make it to your wintery to-do list, you can still take your child out on the ultimate winter date to watch a game of hockey.
To prepare yourself and your child for the first game of the season, consider the following:
Age: while there are no age restrictions when it comes to watching the game, your child will probably most enjoy one if he is at least four years old. You can go over the simplified rules of the game ahead of time to make sure your kid gets the best of his experience. Some hockey enthusiasts even take babies to the game – and they might just sleep through the periods. However, if you want to play it safe, leave your baby with a sitter (check on the baby through a baby monitor app on your smart phone during the intermission).
Clothes: your child will be extra happy if he can wear a real hockey jersey! You can buy one online in advance to find a cheaper option compared to the ones that will be sold on the spot. Remember that it will most probably be cold on the rink, so have a scarf, hat and gloves along with a coat ready if your child gets cold. Consider bringing a warm drink, such as tea in a thermos bottle.
Time: definitely come ahead of time to thoroughly enjoy the experience. You may want to spend extra minutes not only to buy some snacks and get to the seat but also walk around the rink. Show your child the photos of the players on the walls, the cameramen, the team mascots, and teach him the word ‘zamboni’ – it might come handy when your child plays that trivia game!