How to Use Your Video Baby Monitor When the Baby Grows Up?

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Many people are still not sure whether or not they need to buy a baby monitor when a baby comes on board, mainly because they don’t see how it can be used after the baby grows up.

After all, the generations before us have done the whole parenting thing without any baby monitors whatsoever. However, the technology has progressed and nowadays video baby monitors – such as iBaby Monitor M6T – can do so much more: play lullabies, turn and tilt to give you the best view, show baby videos to your relatives overseas… it is really surprising they do not cook yet! Indeed, video baby monitors make your life as a parent so much easier, but also they often come with a hefty price tag. This leaves many parents wondering what to do with the monitor when it is no longer needed for the baby. Well, we got you covered on this one – check out these three ideas to prevent your monitor from getting exiled to a shelf in the garage.

  • Home monitor

Suppose you are finally taking that Hawaii trip you were putting off for ages. You are excited to go the beach, spend quality time as a family and explore the Big Island. However, if you are person who gets worried about whether or not you left the iron on when leaving the house, you could get a bit uneasy going farther away than usual. In this case, you could use your baby monitor as a home monitor just to check that everything is okay at home.

  • Pet camera

Dogs are people, too. And so are cats. Ever wondered what your furry friends might be doing while you are gone to work? While you probably should not expect to see Mr. Chips playing chess against himself (but who knows? some dogs are really smart), you might see something interesting. Just be ready to press the ‘record’ button – with pets, you are always just one click away from becoming the next YouTube sensation.

  • Toy

Kids have great imagination. You buy them an expensive toy and then see them play for hours with a stick they found on the playground. You can give a name to the baby camera, use a sharpie to draw a funny face on it and – boom! – your child has a new best friend. Older children could enjoy having a video baby monitor while playing fort or any other game where they need to chat with someone else to pass some very secret information.

If none of these ideas seem exciting to you, you can always go the good old route of giving the nanny cam away to your friends, family members or just donating it to an organization of your choice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]