How Travel with your iBaby this Thanksgiving!

You’re Just hours away until the warm cozy smell of roasted turkey, hot stuffing and sweet pies wafting in your Mama’s Kitchen. But wherever you’re headed for Thanksgiving, the main concern is how you’re getting there with the little ones. Here at iBaby, we want to make sure you are prepared this Thanksgiving. So here are our best tips to make sure your plans run smoothly for everyone involved.

Prepare For All Weather Situations
November can be a tricky month to dress for when traveling. And depending on where you go, make sure to bring enough weather appropriate clothing. Always pack for an assortment of apparel for those traveling in between weather conditions. Include extra warm and cool clothing, leggings, jammies, jackets and footwear. Fuzzy socks are mandatory.

Schedule Your Time
To help everything go smoothly, always give yourself extra time. Whether you are flying or have a 2-hour drive ahead, make sure there’s time for pit stops, diaper stops and nursing breaks. Always make sure you get on the road or arrive at the gate earlier for any mishaps or dirty diapers. Trust us, they will most likely happen.

Babies Eat First
Always make sure your little one is fed and full before it’s your turn at the table. This will guarantee some time for yourself before the baby wants to be held. It’s also always important to take interval breaks with hubby or another helping hand. You deserve to eat your turkey too!

Pack Up the Important Gear
Make sure you have all the extra products your baby will need in order to be entertained at your host’s house. Also, call your host ahead of time to see if they have any of the large bits you’ll need like an extra crib, or a pack-n-play. You also can’t forget to bring extra binkies, bottles and some of your baby’s favorite toys so you can keep baby occupied while you’re indulging.

Set Up Your iBaby Monitor
Don’t forget to bring and set up your iBaby Monitor where your baby will be sleeping. And remember, when setting up your iBaby in a different location, you will need to reset the monitor. Firstly, save all the photos from your gallery. Then go to settings and delete the camera through the iBaby Care App. Once these step are complete, you can now re-install the monitor like doing so for the first time. This will ensure your monitor is up to par with your hosts Wi-Fi.