Whoa! iBaby Air Featured on the Indiegogo Team Favorites Collection!

Great news, everyone! We just got featured on the Indiegogo Team Favorites Collection! This is such a momentous accomplishment just a few days after launch, and we’re super excited for the success of this campaign.

iBaby Air is the world’s smallest indoor smart Wi-Fi air quality monitor and ion purifier that detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as carbon monoxide, alcohol, and eighteen other elements. It purifies the air with negative ions, tracks your air quality, and allows you to create charts and see changes over time. And it even sends notifications straight to your smartphone through the iBaby Care app!

What’s really exciting is that the campaign recently hit 30% funding, and we hope to hit the $15,000 mark in record time so we can get this truly amazing product in your homes.
Be sure to snag your iBaby Air now for just $79!