Springtime Allergies Got You Down?


Springtime Allergies

Springtime is a season of beautifully blooming flowers and sunny days. But for many people, it is also peak season for sneezing, itching, and runny noses. The main culprit of springtime allergies is the increase in pollen from blooming plants. During Spring, pollen is everywhere, including your home.
Our immune system mistakes pollen and other VOCs as threats to our health. The immune system releases antibodies that produce histamines as a byproduct from defending our bodies from getting sick. The histamines then trigger a runny-nose, itchy eyes, and other unpleasant symptoms, collectively known as allergies.

What are VOCs?

VOCs, which stands for volatile organic compounds, are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at room temperature. In other words, VOCs easily becomes vapor from liquid form. All living things contain VOCs and also many substances such as perfume and paint. Some VOCs are harmful while some are benevolent.

How to Reduce Springtime Allergies

There are many remedies to relieve springtime allergies. Some prefer to take over the counter anti-histamine medication while others prefer natural remedies. However, the main culprit of the increase in allergies during the Spring is pollen. Reducing allergy symptoms mean beginning with the source of the symptoms. Prevent pollen from entering your home by washing your hands and clothes after being outside.
Additionally, air purifiers clean the air by removing VOCs from the environment. The iBaby Air and AirSense work to remove indoor VOCs by releasing ions that attach and trap particles. The air purifiers work silently in the background making them suitable for every room. Also, the iBaby Air and AirSense are smart air monitor that tracks and reports air quality levels in your home. By removing pollen and other VOCs from the air, the iBaby Air and AirSense monitor and help relieve those terrible springtime allergies.