iBaby Care App Adds User Controls For iBaby Monitor M6

Last week iBaby Labs released an app update that now allows users to control what parts of app are available to other users. For example, you don’t mind your grandma looking at your baby, but you would prefer her not to be able to hear the audio. You can now easily control other users’ rights with just a few clicks on your phone.
Here is how it works. The person who sets up the initial iBaby Care App account is the primary user (‘owner’) of the app and has admin rights to control other users (‘viewers’). After launching the app, the owner needs to go to account settings where he can invite other users to view the baby monitor video. You can then choose what invited users can or cannot do – for instance, turn the monitor, play music, listen to audio.
To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Click on ‘Invite & View Users’.
  2. Type in the email of the person you want to add. The person needs to have an existing iBaby Care account in order to be added. After that, send the invitation.
  3. Once the invitation is sent out, you can set up the person’s access level by unchecking the boxes. When you are done editing access, click on ‘Confirm Access’.
  4. Once the access authorization is set up, you will receive a notification of a successful set up completion. You can see all current users under ‘Invite & View Users’.