iBaby Care App

iBaby Care App Updates

July 16th UPDATE:

Dear valued iBaby users,
We are happy to announce that the iBaby Care App is now up and running. We appreciate your patience during the time it took our engineers to resolve the issues you encountered with our app.
On Monday, July 15th, the iBaby Care App server had an overwhelming amount of traffic that prevented some iBaby users from registering, logging in, or playing music from the app. However, 90% of iBaby users were still able to access the iBaby Care App and view their loved ones as usual.
This issue has now been resolved and improved to accommodate the needs of all iBaby users.
There was never a breach of personal information or any hackings that would compromise your personal information. You can be sure that our servers are secure and you can learn more about it by going to www.ibabylabs.com/security
We apologize again for the trouble and inconvenience this may have caused you and your family.
iBaby Team

July 15, 2019 

iBaby Care App (Sing in and Registering Issues)
🎉 Attention iBaby Users:
We have become aware of issues concerning the iBaby Care app with users who can’t register for the first time or current users who can’t log in. This is an internal issue that we are working quickly to resolve. We hugely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. If you just purchased your monitor and are installing or are a current user who wants to log in, please allow 24 hours for these issues to be resolved. We appreciate your patience.