iBaby Gets Best Video Baby Monitor Review By Tom’s Guide

Toms Guide iBaby Monitor M6T best video baby monitor review
iBaby Monitor M6T was named Best Video Baby Monitor 2016 in Tom’s Guide review. Tom’s Guide is a reliable resource that offers unbiased reviews, ratings, tutorials and buyer’s guides on tech gadgets.
Tom’s Guide reviewed five baby monitors and one home monitor to find the best baby monitor among them. The monitors were compared on the basis of their range, display, audio, battery life, features and setup.

The review said, ‘After a month of testing six products, our choice for the best baby monitor is the $199 iBaby Monitor M6T. iBaby’s monitor, which taps into a smartphone to help you check in on your child at night, boasts an impressive array of features, including 360-degree pans and crisp images, even in night mode. This all comes at an attractive price.
The iBaby Monitor M6T ($200) tops other video baby monitors by offering an impressive array of features at a manageable price.
iBaby’s camera offers the sort of capabilities you’d expect — push-to-talk features to soothe a crying child, motion-triggered photo and video capture, and a 720p HD camera — along with features that set it apart from the crowd. The M6T boasts a full-360-degree rotating pan that no other unit could match.
The M6T streams to an app on your smartphone, and we found the Wi-Fi-enabled video streaming to be clear, even in low light. The two-way speaker offered above-average audio in all conditions, and we like how we could play lullabies preinstalled on the iBaby mobile app to lull a child to sleep. What’s more, the mobile app made it easy to capture both pictures and videos, all without any extra fees or subscriptions.’

iBaby Monitor M6T was earlier named the finalist by The Bump in The Best Of BabyTech Awards for 2016. iBaby is currently offering special pricing for holiday for this best baby monitor on our website and authorized retailers.