iBaby Monitor M6/M6T Wall Mount Kit Starts Shipping Today

Today is the day that iBaby Monitor M6/M6T Wall Mount Kit starts shipping. The kit comes with a monitor base, two different brackets, and a screw set, which allows for a quick an easy installation on virtually any surface.

For crib or table installation, use Bracket A. Simply slide the magnetic plate into the wall mount’s base and push it down until you hear a click. You will also hear a click when you attach the bracket to the wall mount base. Finally, fasten it with the screw! Your wall mount is now ready for your iBaby monitor.

For wall installation, you will need Bracket B. Use screws and anchors provided to attach the bracket to the wall. Now, just hang the base with the magnetic plate and put your iBaby in.
Thank you for your patience and enjoy your iBaby!