iBaby Monitor M6S Wins Top Choice Award 2016

baby maternity awards
iBaby Monitor M6S won Top Choice Award from Baby Maternity Magazine. Winning Top Choice Award means an excellent product and dedication to the industry.

Top Choice Award 2016

Baby Maternity Awards is a program administered by Baby Maternity Magazine. This year it has seen 230 products submitted from 140 companies.

“The awards program has a mission to honor the very best in prenatal, maternity, baby and juvenile entertainment products. Winning a Baby Maternity Award illustrates the manufacturers’ dedication to their industry and serves as a testament to great production.”

Products are reviewed by a large group of testers that include pregnant women, new mothers, and caregiver professionals to determine the product’s value. Each product receives multiple thorough reviews. The testers are trained to look for distinction and judge the products against high standards. Based on the received reviews, certain products are then advanced into the Top Choice Award finalist category. Being selected as the Top Choice Award 2016 winner is a great honor to iBaby.

About iBaby Monitor M6S

iBaby Monitor M6S is iBaby’s latest video baby monitor that is controlled from your iOS or Android mobile device. It offers the exceptional video quality with 1080p camera, night vision, and 360° view. This wireless video baby monitor allows parents to not only hear the baby, but also talk to her with the monitor’s two-way audio and echo cancellation.
iBaby Monitor M6S stands out with its fast installation process, user-friendly app interface, support for both 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz routers, and an air quality sensor. You can also share video feed access with unlimited number of users, while controlling the privacy. This baby monitor with video also plays lullabies and short stories at a touch of a finger.
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