iBaby Monitor Traveling Hacks

iBaby Traveling hacks! Must read if you’re traveling with your monitor!

Are you planning one last summer family retreat this labor-day weekend? Well, you’re not alone! American families throughout the country are throwing one last hoorah to summer before it’s gone. And if you’re planning to get some rest and peace of mind on your trip, you probably decided to take your iBaby monitor with you! Yes, we totally get it. iBaby is a lifesaver. But what happens if you take your monitor and it just doesn’t work at your new location? Keep reading to learn the best tips on how to travel with your iBaby monitor.

Step 1: Are you staying at a Hotel? If yes, keep reading. If no, skip to the next step:

iBaby monitors will not work at hotels. There are various reasons, like multiple firewalls, as to why they can’t install, but our main priority is to keep your privacy safe. And having hundreds of people under the same Wi-Fi is bound to lead to some headaches.

Hotel tip: do you have a hotspot? Use an external hotspot as a Wi-Fi router and follow the next step! 

*Using your iPhone as a separate hotspot will not work

Step 2: Reset your iBaby Monitor

Since you’ll be moving to a new location, you will need to complete a hard reset of your iBaby monitor, so your monitor can forget your old Wi-Fi connection and pick up the new one.

Reset Instructions: 
*Before you complete a hard reset, make sure to save all of the pictures and videos you have saved in the iBaby gallery.

  1. Open the iBaby Care App
  2. Settings > Delete [Camera Name]
  3. Press the reset button (located by the USB port) for 30 seconds until the LED light flashes red (some monitors may jingle when the reset is complete).

Step 3: Install your iBaby Monitor at the new location

Once you reset your iBaby monitor, follow the installation instructions on the iBaby Care App.

*Some of our iBaby monitors are dual-band and some are not. Make sure you’re installing on the correct band for a successful installation.