iBaby Video Monitors As Seen On Instagram

With over four years in digital video baby monitor making, iBaby has helped thousands of parents lead a happier life. We love getting feedback from our users on what they love and what we can improve in our nanny cams.

When we look at places where we can find our product reviews, Instagram has to be our favorite. Today we are rounding up some of most fun ones we found online. These are a good illustration on how people use our video monitors – and it’s not just to watch babies.
We adore this view from @Thedandeliondiaries… and those words, too!

iBaby Monitor M6 as seen on Instagram
And this is the exact reason we make baby monitors – to make parents like @Katyannette be able to check on their kids from anywhere:
Baby sleeping in a cot seen through iBaby video monitor
And this one from @Nicolereyherme got us laughing all morning:
Baby is sleeping standing up seen through video baby monitor
And here are the best cases of using iBaby as a pet monitor. A doggy mama @Reneewiest is keeping an eye on her pup while being away:
iBaby monitor used to watch a dog sleeping in a crate
iBaby monitor travels the world and catches these naughty dogs in the act with @Bruna_tau:
iBaby monitor catches dogs sleeping in the owner's bedroom
And of course, there are cats. This one lives in Russia with @Dipeshkova and apparently enjoys babysitting:
iBaby monitor catches a cat in a baby cot with its night vision
And our old friend @Nola_dat_pig uses our baby monitor to keep her mom worry-free. Hands down, the best mini-pig on Instagram!
iBaby monitor night vision captures a sleeping mini pig
If you are using an iBaby monitor, we want to see you! Follow us @iBabyLabs and caption your Instagram snaps with our official #iBabyMonitor to be featured in our next blog post! And if you’d like to win a $25 Amazon gift card by simply following us on Instagram, check this post on what to do.