How To Make International Day for Protection of Children Special

two children playing
Can you believe it is June already? But it is not just warmer weather that makes the beginning of June so special.

The first day of June is celebrated globally as an International Day for Protection of Children and dates back to 1950. Many people around the world try to make this day a special by spending some extra time with their kids and honoring them.

At the time when our lives are so fast paced, it might be hard to find those extra few moments to spend with your child. We have scouted some ideas on how to be present with your older kid when you can’t be there physically. For smaller children, you can try our iBaby Monitor M6, which is especially perfect for parents on the go. You are able to see your little one from anywhere in the world, talk to her at the same time you hear her, or play pre-recorded voice messages.

We hope you have a wonderful day with your little (and big) kids!