Is Pregnancy Without Maternity Clothes Possible?

Your closet is full of clothes and yet there is nothing to wear… Does it sound familiar? A lot of pregnant women feel the frustration of limited wardrobe options. Maternity clothes are often more expensive than regular clothes and may not fit your personal style. That is why some women pledge to go through the nine month journey without buying anything from the maternity department… Is it even possible?

Well, some purchases are unavoidable. As the body changes rapidly, you will have to accommodate the change with a lot of new underwear. Some women complain of having to buy a new bra every two weeks. In such a case, buying a sports style bra may save you not only some money but may also give you more comfort that is not attainable with a regular bra.

Aside from underwear, other regular clothes can indeed be worn in a smarter way during pregnancy:

  • Tops: Everyone has heard the trick of borrowing shirts from your husband’s closet. Unfortunately, what many women discover is that while husband’s shirts do have room for the belly but they also come with some unattractive room in the shoulder and arm area. Instead, wear your own shirts unbuttoned with a camisole underneath. You can add a large scarf if you are feeling ‘too naked’. As an alternative, you can go for tunics and cardigans that can be worn after you have a baby.
  • Bottoms: to continue wearing your regular jeans and shorts, you can slip a hair elastic through the hole and button them in the elastic. Unfortunately, this often means leaving the fly open, so make sure to wear a longer top. A great alternative to jeans is jeggins that will ‘grow’ with you and can be worn after the birth as well.
  • Dresses: When your regular dresses do not fit any more, it is time to switch to empire waist type dresses. If it is not your favorite type, you can also try shirt dresses or skirts with an elastic at the waist.

Being pregnant often means fewer choices of what to wear. Don’t be afraid to wear the same pieces combined in a different way. And of course, do not forget that accessories are able to transform your outfit dramatically without breaking the bank.