It’s All About That Book, About That Book…

Parents know that reading to the child is beneficial because it helps them develop a comfortable bedtime routine, helps with their language and cognitive development, and provides an opportunity for quality time and cuddles. However, many parents wonder whether there is a certain way to do it. Today we are looking at the essentials of proper book reading to your child.

When should I start reading to my child?
It is never too late. In fact, babies are able to recognize their parents’ voices while they are still in the womb. So you can start reading to your baby in his first weeks of life as soon as you have a more or less established routine.

What books should I read to my child?
At the beginning, it does not really matter. Young babies are not really listening for content, but rather for the rhythm of the language. So you should not feel bad if your baby is listening to you reading about the latest trends in fashion or business news. As the child grows older, she will give you more direction on her favorite stories.

What is the best time to read to my child?
Many parents read around nap time, which helps establish routine. But you don’t have to wait to go to bed to read a book. You can grab a book the next time you go to a park, or a beach or you can read instead of playtime.

Can I just record my voice and play it for the child instead of reading?
Let’s face it, we are all busy people and sometimes you just wish someone read the book instead of you. While you can pre-record a story with your modern smart baby monitor and then re-play it to the baby, you should use that function with caution. Your child should be familiar with the story being played and she should also be familiar and comfortable with the book reading routine.