Fun Kids Outdoor Games (with a twist) to Rock Your Next Party

It’s almost June, so you know what that means. Summer is almost here! It’s almost peak time for outdoor grilling, games, and soaking up the sunshine. If you’re an avid summertime bbq’er, then you know there are a few must-haves for a successful party. These are good food, great company, and entertainment. Entertainment is usually a tricky part of planning. If Grandma’s karaoke sessions don’t meet your standards of quality entertainment, then you have other options as well. You can hire a professional DJ…or better yet host some awesome party games! Here are outdoor summer games to get your party rolling.

Water Balloon Capture the Flag

This is a game that puts a whole new twist on a popular tradition. The rules are similar to that of traditional Capture the Flag. Here’s a quick recap to jog your memory:
The goal is to capture the opposite team’s flag. You do so by stealing the flag from your opponent and bringing it over to your side without getting tagged. To begin the game, each team goes on their side of the playing field and faces the opposite team. The flag is placed at the far ends of the playing field.

Players can only tag members of the opposite team when they are on their opponent’s side of the field. When a player gets tagged, they must return back to their own side. If the tagged person has the flag in their possession, they must return the flag to its original position.

So here’s the twist. In this game, buckets of water balloons are scattered throughout the playing field. The only way to tag a player out is by hitting them with a water balloon. However, if the water balloon hits them and it does not pop, then they’re in the clear.

Frozen T-Shirt Contest

The hotter the day, the easier the game gets! To prep, soak an oversized t-shirt in water and fold it 3 to 4 times. To make it more of a challenge, you can also tie the folded t-shirt into a bundle. Then, place the t-shirt into a ziplock bag and freeze overnight.

When your party is ready to play the game, hand each participant a Ziplock bag with the frozen t-shirt inside. The objective of the game is to be the first person to unfold and put on the shirt. The task can be a lot harder than it sounds! So hope for some nice, warm weather that will help melt the ice!

This game is a twist on the classic, Hide-and-Seek that closely resembles the name it was given. In this game of Hide-and-Seek, instead of having one person being “It,” there are many people who are “It” and only one person that hides.

At the start of the game, everybody who’s “It” covers their eyes and counts down while the other person goes hide. After the countdown, the people who are “It” split up and looks for the person in hiding. As the people who are “It” finds the person in hiding, they join the hiding spot and remain hidden as best as they can. Eventually, everyone except for the last “It” person will be in one hiding spot, waiting for the last “It” person to find them. The game ends when the last “It” person finds the whole crew.


To win, you’ll have to be stealthy, sneaky, and quick! For this game, everyone gathers in into a circle and leaves a little wiggle room between each person. On the count of three, each person chooses their starting pose. Each person takes turns making one swift move and tries to hit someone else’s hand with their own. During the round, anybody can take one swift move in attempts to dodge the attack. If a person’s hand is hit, they can no longer use that hand and it must remain behind their back for the duration of the game. A person is out of the game when both of their hands got hit. The last man standing is the champion of Ninja!

Over-Under: Splash Edition

Prepare to get soaked! For this game, teams stand in a forward facing, single file line. First, fill a bucket of water. Then, place it at one end of the line. On the other end of the line, place an empty bucket and mark it with a “Fill” line. To begin, the person who is closest to the bucket of water gets a dry sponge. That person then soaks the sponge with as much water as possible and passes it to the next person over their head. That person then passes the sponge to the person in front of them between their legs. The “over-under” pattern continues until the sponge reaches the last person. The last person on the team squeezes water out of the sponge into the empty bucket and runs it back to the first person. The first team to fill the bucket up with water to the “Fill” line wins!