Last Minute Halloween Preparations For Your Kids

Halloween pumpkins with candles inside on display on a porch
Pumpkin carving, putting together costumes, and getting excited about trick-or-treating… the end of October might be kids’ favorite time of the year. Shhh, don’t tell Santa.
With Halloween just around the corner, are you all set yet with your kids? If you are juggling family, work and kids, here are some last minute things you need to get off your Thanksgiving checklist.
Make sure you have enough treats ready for all the kids who might stop by your place for trick-or-treating. While kids surely do love sweets, we believe you can give them some healthier snacks with equal success. Last year we wrote about healthier trick-or-treat options that kids love.
Are you ready to capture some epic moments? Save the memories with photos and videos taken on Halloween night. Do what you need to do: charge camera batteries, make some space on your phone, or use a video baby monitor to capture the moment. We are using our favorite iBaby Monitor M6 that shoots photo and video in incredible HD quality, even in the dark. With sound and motion alert activated, the monitor will automatically take a series of photos or a short video, if you place it on the porch of your home.
Talk to your kids about being safe on Halloween. That means not only going over ‘stranger danger’, but also about what the kids can and cannot eat. Make it a rule that kids cannot eat until you allow them to do so. When you are back home after the candy hunt, sit down and go over the treats together. Throw aways everything home made, as well as treats that are not individually packaged. When you go trick-or-treating, make sure you wear a reflector or glowing bracelets or necklaces to be more visible to the drivers.
Think about preparing a special meal for your family on Halloween with some spooky dishes. And of course, have your kids involved in the preparation. If you continue to make some dishes every year for Halloween, you will make a great family tradition. We love Halloween recipes ideas found here.
And finally, something that makes Halloween the holiday we all love: the costumes. Try them out some time before the big day to make sure it fits well and kids can move freely. Have your kids practice some scary moves, say character lines, or just make silly faces.