The iBaby Monitor M6S is the Best Video Baby Monitor of 2017

Best Video Baby Monitor of 2017

Baby Gear Lab is a baby product review website founded by Dr. Juliet Baciocco, who is a pediatrician and mother of two. The website focuses on finding the best products in the baby care industry. They carefully select top products in each category and weigh each one side by side. Additionally, Baby Gear Labs maintains objectivity and independence by buying every product they review.

Recently, Baby Gear Lab went on a mission to find the best video baby monitor in the market. They chose the top nine out of fifty to go through rigorous testing. Each monitor was graded based on range, sound clarity, video quality, ease-of-use, features, and more. The study lasted for two months

Why the iBaby Monitor M6S?

According to the results of the study, the iBaby Monitor is the top-scoring baby video monitor out of fifty baby monitors receiving top scores for features, range, ease of use, and battery life. Additionally, Baby Gear Labs gave it an Editor’s Choice for its impressive performance during testing and subsequent overall high score.
Baby Gear Lab rages about iBaby Monitor M6S’s abundance of features that makes it the ultimate baby monitor. Its many features show that it is a device designed with baby in mind. The temperature & humidity sensors and air quality sensor help keep babies nice and cozy throughout the day. Meanwhile, the two-way audio and built-in music player allow parents to comfort their fussy little ones at any time.

The Final Results

Overall, the iBaby Monitor M6S is the best video baby monitor out of all its competitors. It’s high scores in video quality, ease-of-use, range, and features earn it the highest overall score. Its quality and features also demonstrate the deliberate care and thought in delivering the best baby video monitor possible. Additionally, Baby Gear Labs gives the iBaby Monitor M6S notable recognition for its vast collection of features, including sound and motion sensors, temperature and humidity sensors and air quality sensor. The iBaby Monitor M6S is definitely the smartest video baby monitor out there!