Most Common Parenting Mistakes: Top 5

First-time parents’ biggest challenge is about finding balance, and learning what’s right and what’s not. 
Becoming a first-time parent is scary and exciting at the same time. Most people prepare for becoming a parent by reading books, asking their friends, doctors and family members. Yet, somehow, they still make mistakes. Today we are looking at top five most common parenting mistakes that can be avoided.

  1. Struggling with the car seat. Why is that installing a car seat has to be rocket science? Even if you watch YouTube tutorials and google the instructions, installing a car seat will take more time that you expect. Luckily, you can get help with a baby car seat at almost any fire station. Call them in advance (non-emergency number) to see if they are a certified station and stop by to learn firsthand.
  2. Not providing oral care because the baby is toothless. You do not need to wait for your child to have his first tooth out to start caring for her mouth. Wipe her mouth with a damp cloth after each feeding, or offer water after the feeding. Do not allow your baby to fall asleep nursing, and do not give sugary drinks before bedtime. Click here to read more about oral care for your child.
  3. Over-worrying about… everything. You should use common sense when deciding if there is something wrong with your child. If you rely too much on the information you find on the Internet, you can wind yourself up for no reason. Make sure you ask your pediatrician all the questions you have, and listen to your gut.
  4. Neglecting your partner. A baby changes everything and, as a first-time parent, you may feel too tired to do things you used to do before the baby. It is natural to want to give everything to your child, but you should not forget about your parter, either. Make time to spend quality time together, cuddle, talk, and yes, keep up the sex life.
  5. Becoming a hermit. Similar to the mistake above, spending all your time at home doing chores, and cutting off your social connections is not right. Remember, your life does not stop when you have a baby. Even if you didn’t have a chance to wash your hair that day, make an effort and step out of the house. You’ll be surprised to find that so many places are stroller-friendly.