Most Commonly Asked iBaby Monitor Questions Answered!

iBaby monitors are some of the most unique smart baby monitors. Our entire line, ranging from M6 to the M7, come equipped with safety features that help make monitoring effortless. And now that you own an iBaby or two, you’re probably wondering how to use it. So, we have compiled the most commonly asked questions and answered them to make your transition to an iBaby Monitor hassle-free.

What Does VOC Measure? (iBaby Care M7, iBaby Monitor M6S, iBaby Air, and iBaby AirSense)
VOCs—Volatile Organic Compounds—are chemical compounds made up of carbon and hydrogen. They become distinct by their ability to evaporate or survive to standard living conditions. The majority of VOCs are man-made and can come from products like paint, cigarette smoke, wood treatments or even dust.

Because of the sensors, iBaby monitors can detect the most common VOCs in the room. However, They do not detect dangerous substances like Carbon Monoxide.

Our iBaby Care app sends VOC alerts ranging from 1 to 4. When reading the air quality chart level 4 means the air in the room is in perfect condition. Level 3 means the room air quality is moderate, level 2 means the air quality could be reactive to sensitive groups. And Level one means that you need to open a window and let the room air out.

Many different things can trigger the sensors in the iBaby Monitor. Dust, aerosol sprays, and even nail varnish can trigger an alert.

How to save and delete videos and photos from the media and alerts sections?

Exporting your media is a great way to save your favorite pictures and videos. If you have an iOS device, tap on the media gallery located on the top right of the app. Then, tap on the image you would like to save and tap on the export button. Once you tap the icon, you will see the option to save to your phone or share on  social media.

On  Android devices, images and videos are saved to the local media gallery.

What are background notifications and notifications?

At iBaby, our highest priority is the safety of you and your family. And that’s why our monitors are equipped with smart alerts and sensors. You can change your alerts by heading into alert settings and modifying what notifications you’d like to receive. The iBaby Care app will then send you alerts or background notifications according to your selections.

Background notifications are alerts you will receive if the app is running in the background of your phone. Regular notifications are the alerts you will receive inside of the iBaby Care App, but will not show when you’re outside of the app.

How do I connect my iBaby Monitor with a 2.4 GHz or 5GHz connection?

Dual-band routers usually come in two frequencies 2.4 GHz or 5GHz. All iBaby Monitors, with the exception of the iBaby Care M7 and iBaby M6S, require installation on a 2.4 GHz frequency.

So, if you do not use the proper internet connection, installation of your monitor will not complete. If you don’t have a dual internet connection, you will need to contact your internet provider to separate it