Five New Father Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Father’s Day has to be most special when it is your very first one. We scouted five new father gift ideas that are easy to implement. He will love these!
Here are our favorite new father gift ideas:
newborn baby photoshoot
Babies grow up fast! Keep the memories forever with a professional father-child and family photoshoot. To make the most elegant of the photos, go for timeless black-and-white pictures. Once you have the photos ready, print some in large format to decorate your house.
iBaby Monitor M6S in the nursery
Video baby monitor
While parenthood may be overwhelming, there are gadgets made to help new parents. A digital video baby monitor is one of those. Pick a monitor with simple installation, high definition video, two-way audio, sound and motion alerts, and air quality (including temperature and humidity) sensor, such as iBaby Monitor M6S. And also, we offer 15% off iBaby monitors for Father’s Day (iBaby Monitor M6S excluded).
sporting event tickets are a great gift for father's day
Sporting event tickets
If your man is a huge sports fan, get him the tickets he wanted. To make the event more special, get him a new jersey. Consider making it a baby-father outing by including the new baby and dressing her in a jersey or hat, too. If one-on-one time with the baby is too much, let the father have fun and enjoy the game.
baby books from the father's childhood will have the father bond with the baby
Special baby book
How about a timeless gift with a special meaning for a father? Find out what the father’s favorite childhood book was and buy one for him. He sure will have great time reading it for your child before bedtime. In fact, you may also find him reading it to himself one day.
baby carrier helps dads and babies grow closer
Baby carrier
Help your baby’s father spend more time together with the child by buying him a baby carrier. Baby carriers are not only extremely convenient to use since they free up your hands, but they also help bonding with the child. Babies carried by parents are said to cry less, grow smarter and happier.