Nursery: What Furniture Do You Really Need?

Many parents-to-be report the fun of being creative as an unexpected perk of getting ready for parenthood. Come to think of it, from picking the name and putting together a wardrobe for your little one to setting up a nursery, there are lots of creative decisions to be made. We have looked at the top three pieces of furniture that usually are on every parent’s checklist for a nursery and gave them a thorough check:

  • Crib: Yes. No matter if you plan to be training your baby to sleep in the crib from day one or will practice co-sleeping, you will still need a separate bed for your baby one day. Give preference to transformer beds that will ‘grow’ with your baby – they might be more expensive to buy but will last you longer and will be less expensive in the long run as compared to buying a new bed every few years.
  • Changing table: Maybe. If you have enough space and are not on a budget, you may look into investing in a changing table. However, remember that this piece of furniture will become less useful as your baby grows. Alternatively, you can use the top of a dresser with a changing pad to serve the same purposes. Another idea – given you have enough space –  is to set up the changing station on the bathroom counter which provides you with an immediate access to water.
  • Rocking chair: Maybe. We often grow up with a vision that a nursery must have a rocking chair. The reality is that this piece of furniture is often overpriced and too bulky. It might be also hard to find the one that will match your nursery’s design. Instead, you could purchase a cute armchair and a little table to put beside it. Breastfeeding sessions might take long time and you will be thankful to have your essentials (such as a water bottle) at a stretch of a hand.