Perfect Christmas Gifts for Busy and Modern Parents

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And with this wonderful new season, spending hours at the mall are a given to find the perfect Christmas gift. But if thinking about going to the mall turns you into a grinch, we can all understand. Especially if you have to do so with one or two of Santa’s hyper little helpers. And if you’re like us and leave everything to the last minute, you’re likely scrambling to figure out what to buy. But don’t worry, we came up with a list of perfect Christmas gifts for busy and modern parents.

Every parent, even the techie in your life, will love the iBaby Care M7. Whether it’s to see their baby through the night, or to keep a extra eye on a furbaby. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who likes to keep an eye on things straight from their phone. Plus, it’s on sale! And who doesn’t like some Christmas deals?

#2 Coffee Machine

If you’re shopping for someone whose blood has turned into coffee, an upgraded coffee machine is the best present you can get. Whether it be an upgrade Keurig, or a step up to an espresso machine, a new coffee maker is the way to win this Christmas. Find one at your local target store or even ship one from Amazon. And if you have prime, you’ll get it before Christmas.

#3 iRobot Roomba

Parenting is tiring. And if you come home after work and don’t want to spend your free time cleaning up the house, let a robot do it for you! A Roomba will vacuum your floors while you enjoy a cup of wine or relax. Plus, if you’re buying this for your significant other, this will make cleaning time go by that much faster. And who doesn’t love a clean home?

#4 Amazon Kindle

If you’re shopping for a book lover, look no further. Amazon’s Kindle is the perfect gift for anyone who spends their free time with a book cracked open. And to make it an even better gift, pre-load it with lots of free or discounted e-books offered on Amazon!

#5 Amazon Echo integrated with Alexa

If having a smart home is a priority to some of your friends, having an Amazon’s Alexa in their house is a necessity. With Alexa you can ask an array of questions, play music and even place Amazon orders.

#6 Gift Cards

If you’re still undecided on what to get your friends or family members, giving them a gift card is the safest route. Get them a gift card to their favorite store. Hint: Mom’s love Target!