Pool Safety Tips for a Great Summer

The best part about summer is cooling off at the pool with your kids. No matter their age. But as much fun as laying by the water sounds, pool time can give parents a surge of anxiety. And sure, these concerns are completely warranted. After all, more than 250 kids drown in pools each year due to lack of precautions. Because of this, it’s important to practice pool safety protocols to help keep your baby safe.  So, if you want to learn more about pool safety tips for a Great Summer keep reading!

#1 Supervision

Whether your child is 6 mos or 4-years-old, supervising them during pool time is critical. Yes, we’re talking to you kiddie pools, pools and jacuzzis. And that’s because children under the age of 4 are more prone to suffer from accidental drownings. So regardless of your child’s swimming experience, or the depth of the water, you must always keep an eye on them.

#2 Flotation Devices
Wearing the appropriate flotation device when swimming is helpful for inexperienced swimmers. Make sure that you buy the appropriate size depending on your baby’s age and weight. Ideally, the best way to keep your baby safe from the water is to enroll them in swimming lessons. You can introduce them to the water as early as when they’re 6-weeks old.
#3 Appropriate Fencing
The majority of backyard pools drowning occur due to the lack of fencing. Because of this, children fall prey to falling or walking into pools resulting in death. So, it’s important that you install the appropriate fence with latches to prevent any accidents. Make sure you follow the fending regulations where you live since they vary state-by-state.
#4 Have a Clean Pool
To prevent any infections or stomach problems, it’s crucial to keep a clean pool. This means taking the appropriate potty breaks to prevent accidents in the pool. If your baby’s not potty trained, wear swimming diapers to prevent spillage. This will help keep your baby safe and healthy from bacteria and infections.