Random Act of Kindness Day: How To Raise A Kind Child

Father walking with his toddler son on a beach
It is Random Act of Kindness Day today. How can you raise your kids to ensure they are kind to others?

You must have heard that a child’s personality is formed by the age of seven. Some research suggests even earlier age – at five or even three years old. The point is that you only have a few years to impact instill good qualities in your children. If you want then to grow up as caring, responsible, and kind adults, it is important to set a good example.

On this Random Act of Kindness Day let’s look at what it takes a parent to raise a kind child:

  • Lead with your own example. While many parents prioritize their children’s happiness and achievements over everything else, do not forget to teach kids how to balance their own needs with the needs of other people. Make it a priority for yourself to be caring for others and lead with a good example. Help your kids to practice being kind, grateful and respectful with other people. Make gratitude a daily ritual.
  • Teach children to manage negative feelings. Often negative feelings, such as envy, jealousy, or anger, stand in the way of practicing kindness and caring behavior. Help your child to learn how to manage negative feelings by teaching them how to calm down when they can express their feelings in a calm way. A simple technique is to practice deep breathing for a count of five and then reacting. This will help your children to deal with their feelings and emotions in a productive way.
  • Go easy on rewarding acts of kindness. You do not need to reward everyday kindness, such as helping about the house, or helping with siblings – such help should be expected. This helps children to develop caring as a part of their identities. However, do make it a point to recognize and praise acts of kindness at times when kids go out of their way to help others.