School Is (Almost) Out: Five Ideas To Celebrate The Last Day Of School

Boy getting off school bus
Every kid will tell you that May is the best month in a year because that’s when the school ends! Now that we are in the second week of May, it is time to think how you will celebrate the beginning of the summer with the kids.
We compiled some ideas that you can use to celebrate the last day of the school year:

  • Pick a tradition that will be repeated every year: go for a ice-cream date with your child, host a sleepover party, or watch a movie.
  • If you think traditions are boring, make a surprise for your kid: go on a small surprise trip, present them with ‘summer goodies’, or set up a scavenger hunt.
  • Have your child pick what they want to do. For example, have your kids make a list of things they would like to do when the school is out, and then create a surprise itinerary.
  • Prepare a ‘summer advent calendar’ where each day before school ends has a special activity, such as ‘hike’, ‘cooking together’, ‘watching a movie’, or the like.
  • Surprise your child with decorating his or her room with something colorful, such as tassel garlands, homemade posters, or string lights. It is your child’s best day so decorate appropriately!