The Dangers Behind Secondhand Smoke

The majority of smokers and non-smokers understand the dangers of smoking. But usually, people tend to overlook the side-effects of secondhand smoke. Because of this, pregnant women and kids are at higher risk of diseases like asthma, SIDS, and cancer. Secondhand smoke is also the leading cause of diseases that can result in diseases in children and newborns. To learn more about the dangers of secondhand smoke and how to prevent it keep reading.

What is Secondhand smoke?

The smoke inhaled by others and not the intended active smoker is secondhand smoke. There are two combinations of smoke released from a cigarette. Mainstream smoke, and sidestream smoke. The smoke exhaled by a smoke is mainstream smoke. And the smoke released from the end of a cigarette, pipe, or a hookah is side stream smoke. According to the American Cancer Society, sidestream smoke is the most dangerous due to the high cancer causing agents. Because of this, it’s best to keep children away from smokers and to keep a smoke-free home. 

What are the Side effects for my children?
Secondhand smoke can cause serious problems in children. Those who are exposed to this can suffer from asthma, SIDS, Lymphoma, Leukemia, liver cancer, and brain tumors. Secondhand smoke can also cause kids to get sick more often, get lung and ear infections and suffer from asthma.

How Can I Protect My Children?
Parents can protect their kids by making sure their home and cars are smoke-free. Secondhand smoke can still contaminate the air through ducts, floors, and walls. The best way to prevent it from reaching children inside the home is to always smoke outside.

Effects of Secondhand Smoke in Expectant Mothers:
Secondhand smoke can lead to a lot of problems for expectant mothers.  This includes miscarriages, early delivery, SIDS, and learning disabilities. And when an expectant mother is in direct contact with secondhand smoke, so is their child. So, it’s always best to keep away from smokers and secondhand smoke.