Sizzling Summer Tips That Will keep Your Little Ones Cool All Summer Long


Cool Babies Summer ’17

Kicking off Memorial Weekend means plenty of outdoor adventures and trying to keep our babies comfortable and cool when the temperatures start rising! These sizzling summer tips will keep our little ones cool all summer long!

When the scorching heat arrives, nothing keeps our little ones cool better than some good ol’ H2O. So keep those cups fully loaded and close by to ensure healthy hydration.

Paddling pools, water tables, sprinklers? Yes, please! Find a shaded area or set up an umbrella and the kiddos will be splashing their way into Adventureland in seconds!

Misting bottles are another great tool for a quick breeze. Just fill up a clear travel size bottle with chilled water and mist away, but prepare yourself for a ton of contagious giggles!

Need a quick pick me up? Skip the sugary ice cream and whip up some sweet cocktails your toddlers will also enjoy making with you. Add your fruity favs, berry goodness, and Greek yogurt for a flavor-packed slurp that will keep them feeling tropically cool.

Want something even easier? We got you! Simply cut up some cold cucumbers, carrots, and melon and, BAM! Easy, breezy vitamin-freezies!

Time to knock out? After a long day in the heat, your little babes will be ready for bed in no time and cool baths are great for those hot nights. Keep it 100 when it comes to hot days and stick with cotton clothing and bedding to achieve maximum comfort and cool through out the night.