Sound Issues With iBaby Monitor M6/M6T You Can Fix Yourself

Video baby monitors are complex gadgets with many systems working interdependently. Today we are looking at some common sound issues with iBaby Monitor M6/M6T and how to fix them without calling Customer Service.

If you are having issues with the sound on your iBaby Monitor M6 or iBaby Monitor M6T, often you can resolve the issue yourself. Today we are reviewing the most common issues that customers call in with the sound system:

  • When I speak to my baby from the app, the sound from the monitor’s speaker is too low.

Imagine this, you are trying to talk to your baby through the app, but the sound is too low, even when you adjust the volume. There is a quick fix to this. Open Media Player, and play any song. While the song is being played, turn up the volume. This will reset the speaker volume. Wait 10 second, and click ‘Speak’. The volume should be normal now.

  • I hear static sound or background noise from the monitor.

Static sound can appear for two reasons: either there is a network connectivity issue when the Wi-Fi signal is too low, or there is interference from other devices, such as TV, radio, etc. The issue will usually disappear if you reset the video monitor. To do that, delete the camera from the app, reset the monitor and add the camera again. Remember to do this as close to the router as you can, even if you are going to move the monitor to another room.

  • I hear echo from the monitor when the speaker is on.

The echoing sound appears when the baby monitor is in close proximity to the functioning iBaby Care app – your smartphone or tablet, essentially. When you place the mobile device further away from the monitor, the echo will disappear. The issue can also appear if you press the ‘Listen’ and ‘Speak’ buttons at the same time, so avoid pressing those simultaneously.