Staying Healthy in the Fall

While you may be excited about the pumpkin spice latte season, as a parent, you may also find yourself stressing about the fact that fall is the season when children are most prone to getting sick. Changes in temperature, beginning of a new school year and less carefree time outdoors make kids more susceptible to infections and viruses. However, with just five simple steps, you can significantly decrease the chances of your children getting sick:

Spend more time outdoors

As simple as it sounds, spending time outdoors is beneficial in many ways. It provides sun exposure which is essential for a natural creation of vitamin D. Called ‘sunshine vitamin’, it helps immune system function properly, strengthens bones and helps body retain minerals. Being outside is a simple way to unwind and relax for children after a day at school. Bond with your child by going on a walk together, playing in a sandbox or cycling.

Boost your kid’s immune system with vitamins

As we transition into fall, the amount of fruits and vegetables we eat naturally reduces. Make it a point to have your children eat at least four different fruits and vegetables a day. Take them grocery shopping and let them pick produce they like. Ask your doctor about adding multivitamins to your kid’s diet – from gummies to tablets and liquids – there is a wide choice of supplements on the market today.

It is not a secret that millennium kids spend way too much time on their tablets and phones. Regular exercise helps children stay concentrated at school, improves their self-esteem, reduces the chances of obesity and builds endurance. Exercising does not mean you have to take your child to a gym. Instead, shoot some hoops together, play tag, or simply walk to do groceries.

Don’t stress
Going back to school after summer is a stressful time for any student irrespective of age. Stress leads to a variety of physical and psychological effects that can make your child worried, tired and sick. Be an example for your children by looking on the bright side of things, practicing positive thinking and being a loving parent and spouse.

Get a good night’s sleep
A peaceful sleep is necessary in the fall like in no other season. During the night our bodies restore energy and organize new information, which is especially important for schoolchildren. Sleeping improves body immune response and helps metabolism. Encourage day napping during the school year even if your child did not nap in the summer. Keeping the same nighttime rituals for younger kids (such as reading a book before bed) helps children fall asleep easier.