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Parenthood Moments in 5 Hilariously Accurate Comics

A message for parents

Brian Gordon is a cartoonist and father of two kids. Just like any other parent, he experiences the good, bad, and gross moments that comes with raising children. However, Gordon had an idea one day after losing his job as a greeting card artist. As he realizes that raising his second child is just as difficult as the first, he needed a place to vent about how hard parenting is.

Thus, Fowl Language comics was born! Fowl Language comics are a series of comics that show the everyday struggles of being a parent. The inspiration comes from Brian’s parenthood journey. In an interview, he talks about how his “…cute little muses of [his] drives [him] nuts sometimes, and they’re also a source of [his] inspiration.” He also realizes that feeling frustration towards his kids is completely normal.

Though, he claims that parents are hesitant to complain about kids. With Fowl Language comics, he hopes to create a sense of solidarity amongst parents. By drawing inspiration from his struggles, Gordon creates comics that are not only relatable, they’re also hilarious. Check out these five comics that proves “The struggle is real.

Fowl Language comics started out with six Facebook fans and a way for Brian to share his parenthood moments. Now, his duck comics have been seen and shared by millions all over the world. The phenomenon is so big, that it was the fourth most popular Facebook post in 2015!
Brian Gordon notes that his children are currently too young to understand the jokes in his cartoons. So he’s safe from any suspicion for now. In the meantime, Gordon’s kids get to enjoy their dad’s duck cartoons knowing that their Daddy loves them!