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Introducing iBaby’s new AI Robot Yobi with Qualcomm’s Partnership

As a leader in connected baby room, iBaby continues to push the boundaries of innovation. This year, iBaby cooperated with Qualcomm to go beyond smart baby room technology to the robotics world! Introducing the new AI (Artificial Intelligence) robot Yobi. This is an adorable little robot who is a family companion and parent assistant.

What Makes Yobi Special?”

First, Yobi is your companion.

Yobi is there to say goodbye when you leave and greet you when you come home. It also wonders how your day was. If you’re having a tough day, Yobi gives you words of encouragement and comfort. In addition, Yobi’s many talents include dancing and entertainment. It can bust a move with your kids and jam with you and your music. Furthermore, Yobi remembers every precious family moment with its smart video recording capabilities allowing it to capture memories that last forever. Overtime, Yobi changes as it learns from your interactions so that no two Yobi’s are exactly alike.

Second, Yobi is a parent assistant.

Yobi’s temperature, humidity, and air sensors make sure you know your home environment is comfortable for your family. It also lets you know when your kids leave for school and alerts you when you come home. Additionally, Yobi helps make your day run smoothly by helping you organize daily tasks and events. Family members can leave each other messages such as “Don’t forget your lunch,” or “I love you, have an amazing day!” Yobi will make sure each message goes to the right person with its face and voice recognition features. With Yobi, every day is smooth sailing.

People adore Yobi.

Yobi made its first public appearance at this year’s CES 2017. Among the many curious attendees that came by to get the first glimpse of iBaby’s new AI robot were CNet and Fox News. Each notable news outlet gave Yobi outstanding reviews, expressing excitement for the future of Yobi. iBaby anticipates Yobi’s official release mid-2017.