Taking Your Newborn Out to Restaurants and Other Places

Having a new baby is an absolute adventure. There are so many things you want to explore with your new baby. Also, you’re probably ready to spend some time out of the house to show off your cute bundle of joy. But as a new parent, taking your baby out might mean a whole new list of concerns. These concerns may include how safe and comfortable the outside world is for the baby. Another concern may be “When can I take my newborn out to a restaurant?” The good news is that you don’t have to stay in your home forever. 

Since your newborn baby sleeps around 16 hours a day, she will most likely be calm during your outing. If she does wake up, however, she may even enjoy the stimulating new environment. Though, babies are very unpredictable, which can add a bit of stress. The best way to reduce this stress as much as possible is preparing for every scenario. 

Oh the places we’ll go

For the first few outings, take her out to a nearby restaurant for a nice lunch date. Restaurants are ideal places for the first outings because you can excuse yourself if your baby gets fussy. As you grow accustomed to taking her out, you can venture out to shopping malls, bookstores, and other kid-friendly places. Kid-friendly places also tend to have adequate changing stations in case your bundle of joy decides to drop a major stinkbomb.

When deciding where to go, choose places where a baby’s cry blends right into the background. Restaurants such as Italian, Chinese, and Diners tend to be larger and noisier. If your baby does get a little fussy, a trip to the restaurant’s fish tank or the store’s bright displays can calm her down. If that doesn’t work, an age-old trick is to take a quick walk in the fresh air.

Rocking the baby bag

Now that you have an idea of where to bring your bundle of joy, the next thing to decide on is what to bring. Get ready to rock the baby bag because a successful outing means you are ready for every situation. Whether you’re going out for a quick lunch or all day, these baby bag essentials will keep you prepared for burps, poops, dribbles, and nibbles.

  • Extra diapers
  • Even more diapers
  • 2-3 clean outfits
  • Warm outerwear
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Additional blanket
  • Changing pad
  • Cuddly toys
  • Ready-to-go baby bottles
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Baby wipes
  • Breastfeeding covers and other necessities

Eventually, outings with your newborn baby will be easier as you learn how she reacts to the outside world. Don’t get discouraged because of a few challenging outings. As with any new adventure, success comes with trial and error. Overtime, outings will be more fun as you and your little one explore more of the outside world together.