Taking Your Newborn to a Restaurant

If you are a new parent, you probably are still learning in what ways your life changes when a baby comes on board. A question that many parents ask is, ‘Can I take my newborn to a restaurant?’. You may be concerned about the exposure to people, noises or that your little one will cry non-stop. The truth is, taking a newborn to a restaurant is easier than it seems. In fact, the earlier you start taking your baby out, the faster it will build its immune system, and you will become more confident in what you can do with your child.

You probably know that newborns spend on average 16 hours per day sleeping in the first three months of their lives. Chances that your baby will sleep while you are out are quite high. To help your baby sleep or stay happy if he is awake, make sure you feed him and change before heading out. Also, be prepared for a baby feeding in the restaurant if necessary.

Choose a place that is close to home for the first few outings. You might want to pick not the most fancy one but the one that is more child-friendly and has a quick service. It is a good idea to go to a restaurant during its less busy hours. That will ensure you get your food faster and there won’t be too many people inside in case things do not go as planned.

As always, have your diaper bag ready for the outing. Don’t forget toys and a pacifier. Try to place the stroller or the baby car seat away from where people walk. When choosing a seat, look into getting one that is further away from other people in case your baby starts crying. If he does, do not despair – we all were kids once and crying is what babies do. If the baby gets too loud, you might want to take him out to calm him down.

Remember, life is about celebrating. Celebrate your growing family even if things do not go smooth. In the next months you will learn more about your baby and will know more than anyone else. Until then, experiment, try new things and do not be afraid to fail.