Ten Things Every Family Should Do During the Winter Break


With only two weeks left before Christmas, it is time to start planning the winter holidays. Do you have any special plans for those days with your family? While some people are looking forward to going to the mall to catch some post-Christmas sales, there is so much more you can besides shopping. Make yourself a list of things to do over the break and cross out the ones you did to see how much fun you can have over the holidays.

Still short for ideas? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Cook together – do you have recipes that you have been saving but you never have the time to try? Holidays is the perfect time to finally get to it. Play out ‘Iron Chef’ for more fun with the family and don’t forget about cute aprons and chef’s hats.

Make a trip – you don’t need to go too far to enjoy a family trip. Even going to a town that is one hour away and staying at a hotel there for one night can turn into a little adventure. Research about local gems before going. If making a trip is a bit of a stretch, go on a hike instead and take some family photos.

Watch ballet – every city should have a Nutcracker performance over the holidays. If your child is over 5 years old, it might be the perfect time to watch a performance and feel some magic.

Read to your child – if you read regularly to your child, make this reading session special by preparing some snacks to be enjoyed with the book. If you have older children, have them read to you. And don’t forget to ask them to do voices.

Do homework together – even if that is something you do on a regular basis, doing homework together on the holidays still can be fun. Ask your child to explain a new concept they are learning at school or make up a fun math problem together.

Make a toy – do you know that you can make a toy out of almost anything? Old gloves, socks, water bottles – anything goes. Look up on Pinterest for some inspiration or come up with your own ideas.

Set up puppet show – head to Ikea for cheap but cute puppets. Then, make a puppet theater from a large box. Invite the whole family for the opening night and remind them there is no late seating after the third bell. A quicker alternative is setting up a hand shadow theater.

Garage sale – holidays is a great time to get rid of all things old. Go through your closet and sell everything you haven’t worn in over a year. Have your kids help you with making the signs and set up.

Make a snowman – if you live in a place where it snows, embrace it! Make a real snowman with a carrot nose together with your child. Give him a name and have your child describe you what kind of snowman he is. If you live in a warm place, make a scarecrow.

Take your child on a date – spend a whole day with your child – just the two of you. Have your child plan all the activities he wants to do. Even if that means having ice-cream for lunch.