The Biggest Parenting Mistake We All Make and How To Avoid It

Do you think you are a perfect parent? Most probably the answer is ‘no’. In fact, parenting and guilt almost always go hand in hand.
You may feel guilty that you screamed at your child, or that you love her too much, or that you are not spending enough time together, or that you cannot say ‘no’ to that cute little face. In your eyes, you are not perfect.
But guess what, you should not be. When you get stuck thinking how you can improve your parenting style, you miss on those precious moment together that you can’t get back.
Children do not want perfect parents. They want love and understanding. Chances are your child thinks you are better than what you think of yourself.
So next time you want to beat yourself up about another ‘parenting failure’, watch this video and be reminded how much your child loves you for what you are.
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